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Want to Generate 6 Better Ideas for Your Products, Services, and Business in 60 Minutes?

Early bird registrations have ended on 31st July 2021.

Final deadline for regular registrations - 14 August 2021.

Say goodbye to a lack of good ideas. Stop tolerating that painful wait for inspiration. Don't approach creativity like a hit-or-miss activity.


Work along with me in this outcome-driven workshop where I'll take you through creating better ideas for your products, services, spaces, and marketing activities. I will guide you through fun and clear methods to generate new angles to your innovation problems and spot opportunities for new products, services, and features.

The truth is, most people are not taught how to systematically find new angles and pick their best battles when innovating - and many people end up believing that they are not creative.

Our method has been refined over a decade in award-winning innovation practice and in teaching. It is clear and actionable, and it works - even if you believe that you are not creative. So leave it to us to help you get your creative exploration in good shape so that you can focus on implementing for results.

Sign up for the workshop, and within a 60-minute session, you will generate at least 6 new and relevant ideas for your projects and business, and learn 3 practice-proven techniques that I used to build the ideation processes at the acclaimed innovation agency, STUCK Design.

What We Will Accomplish

If you have an existing venture or problem in mind, you will work on it and leave with at least 6 new ideas for your product, environment, or service innovation.

If you are tackling business problems or marketing, you will uncover novel approaches that you may have missed.

If you are looking for a new design innovation topic to embark on, you will finish the workshop with several.

What We Will Cover

The Quickest Hack to Become Sensitive to Innovation Opportunities for Your Products, Services, & Businesses

The Method to Reliably Create New Angles to Innovation Problems and Become the Creative Genius in Your Team

How Any Problem Can Be Approached in 3 Main Ways

How to Select What to Do Next When You Have Too Many Ideas

Who Is This For

Innovation Team Leaders


Designers and App Creators

Marketing Professionals


Meet Your Instructor: Donn Koh

Co-founder of Singapore’s renowned innovation agency - STUCK Design

Inventor of the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse mechanism

Winner of multiple global design awards (Red Dot, iF, IDEA, & Braunprize)

Senior Lecturer with multiple teaching excellence awards at the National University of Singapore

Two-times juror of the prestigious IDSA IDEA design award

TEDx speaker

Recipient of Singapore’s President’s Design Award and Skillsfuture Fellowship

Mentored more than 50 designers who are now working in Google, Accenture, Zendesk, IBM, Boston Consulting Group, Linkedin, Grab, Carousell, DBS, and STUCK Design

Workshop Learning Format

This is not another lengthy course or a sales webinar, but a rapid implementation walkthrough. Within the session, I want to help you get usable results while we patch the missing spark that occurs for many people in their previous attempts at Design Thinking.

We will learn by doing. I will provide tips and guidance and examples and guide you through your own topics. This is best for your learning retention, and also helps you take action.

You will learn alongside others to gain a richer understanding from multiple perspectives and everyone’s questions.

We will learn together in public within our workshop small group, and share our results to inspire each other.

The live session includes a 30-minute group Q&A after the 60-minute workshop. While we can only cover your questions during the live session, you don’t need to attend the live session to experience the same learning and results. The full recordings are accessible after the sessions are all completed.

We are running the same live session twice, via Zoom, so you can choose which day is best for you (or you can attend both):

Option 1: Saturday, 21st Aug 2021, 4:00pm - 5:30pm (Singapore Time)

Option 2: Sunday, 29th Aug 2021, 4:00pm - 5:30pm (Singapore Time)

Can't make it to the live workshop?

Life-time replay access is included in your ticket.

Recording Policy and Confidentiality

To facilitate cross-learning and to inspire others on the same journey, the workshop will be recorded. This means that during your participation, your questions, discussions, image, video feed, and audio may be captured and subsequently used in our publications for educational or marketing purposes. By signing up for this workshop, you agree to learn publicly and to be recorded during the workshop. You are also agreeing to waive all claims and rights to the recordings and agree that all information shared by you during the workshop will be regarded as non-confidential.

Your investment is 100% risk-free. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll happily refund your full payment within 60 days from the start of the workshop and all it takes is two clicks from our workshop completion email. We don’t bury this behind layers of ‘defence’.


I can’t wait to work with you - to demystify creativity, provide actionable clarity and conciseness, and to get you useful results. Students often find this teaching to be the missing element they've been searching for in innovation education.

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